Pharmamediair FLEX
Pharmamediair FLEX is our Temporary Work Agency. It was specifically set up for processing our temporary positions within the healthcare industry in 2011.

Pharmamediair FLEX mediates experienced professionals and starters for temporary jobs in life sciences, pharmaceutics, biotech, medical field, chemistry, food.
We are proud that our candidates perform very well in their temporary jobs, get to serve a company contract for a fixed period satisfactorily and after some time even are being engaged for an indefinite period by the companies themselves.

Through Pharmamediair FLEX, we are able to find starters and professionals who are temporarily without work or who themselves choose for more freedom a temporary job. The procedures are often short term. Sometimes a few interviews and starting next Monday is no exception! That’s how fast things can go! That's why we do not publish all our temporary positions on our website.
So please register and upload your CV! Once we have received your CV, you will be personally contacted by one of our consultants within a few days, and together with you we see what we can do for you.

Are you interested in a temporary job that can be the start of your (new) career? Register with us now!

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