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The scope of Pharmamediair is the pharmaceutical industry and the public pharmacy in the Netherlands. Over the years we have built up a substantial client database, that is growing every year. Our clients are innovative pharmacists, generic pharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical production companies, biotech companies, Clinical Research Organizations (CROs), consulting agencies, supply companies and pharmaceutical engineering companies.

Within the public pharmacy in the Netherlands we work for both for private pharmacies and pharmacy chains. We mediate experienced professionals and starters for a large variety of positions.

The fast majority of candidates we place is directly employed by the client. Usually the employee starts with a temporary, one-year contract with the possibility of a permanent contract with proper performance. In some cases candidates are offered permanent employment right away. Occasionally candidates may be seconded (contract placement) to a client by Pharmamediair, only to be taken on by the company concerned at a later stage. We also fill temporary positions by using Interim Management. The Interim Manager is and remains independent, and carries out a job commissioned by a company within a period of 3 months up to one year.

Positions for experienced candidates

Pharmamediair acts as agent for experienced professionals for medical and marketing & sales positions within the pharmaceutical industry. We offer a wide range of positions.

Examples of positions at innovative pharmaceutical companies:
Industrial Pharmacist, QA-officer, QA-Manager, QA-Director, Medical Advisor, Medical Affairs Manager, Therapeutic Area Head, Medical Director, Medical Information Specialist, Regulatory Affairs Officer, Regulatory Affairs Manager, Clinical Research Associate (CRA), Lead CRA, Senior CRA, Clinical Project Manager, CRA Manager, Director Medical Affairs, Data Manager, Medical Writer, Qualified Person, Drug Safety Officer, Drug Safety Manager, Clinical Safety Officer, Compliance Manager, Reimbursement Manager.

Examples of positions at generic pharmaceutical companies
Regulatory Affairs Officer, Regulatory Affairs Manager, R&D Manager, QA-Officer, QA-Manager, Production Pharmacist, Qualified Person. We fill vacancies in the field of Marketing & Sales, for instance Regional Manager, Account Manager, Project Manager, Product Specialist, Sales Manager, Product Manager, Business Unit Manager.

Examples of positions within the public pharmacy:
Managing Pharmacist, Second Pharmacist, Regional Manager, Account Manager, Category Manager.

Career opportunities for starters

You have just finished your Life Science studies at higher vocational education or university level or you have just finished your Ph.D. research. Or you have some years of experience in another branch. What are your opportunities if you wish to start a career in the pharmaceutical industry?

In case you aspire to a commercial role the possibilities are: Regional Manager (Medical Representative), sometimes Product Specialist.

The medical departments offer more opportunities for starters: Clinical Trial Assistant (CRA), Clinical Research Associate (CRA), Data Manager, Regulatory Affairs Officer, Drug Safety Officer, Medical Information Officer, QA-(Clinical) Officer, QC-Officer. Sometimes candidates start as Medical Advisor or Medical Liaison.

Our clients

We work for a variety of clients, major, leading and small, and a range of public institutions, including Roche Nederland BV, Mylan BV, Amgen BV, Sandoz BV, Dada Consultancy BV, Disphar International BV, LLoyds Apotheken, GSK, Bayer Nederland BV, KNMP, Ipsen Farmaceutica, Mundipharma, DSM, Octopus.