Analytical Development Specialist / Randstad

De opdrachtgever

Biopharmaceutical Research Company in the Randstad.

De omschrijving

As an Analytical Development Specialist, you are responsible for robust analytical method development within up to validation of Analytical Methodologies. You will apply analytical Quality by Design (QbD) and Design of Experiment (DoE)/multivariate data analysis to find critical parameters of analytical methodologies. This will ideally lead to efficient optimization of the analytical methods that conform to the requirements of the ICH-, FDA/USP, and EMA guidelines. You will also support the formulation team to increase product and process understanding while performing the required analyses and characterization. In this role you will have the responsibility to develop alternative analytical methods that are usually not found in the standard QC lab.

De eisen

You are a PhD with at least 3 years experience in the field of Analytical Development and possibly have 3 year experience in pharma. You are experienced with HPLC/UPLC analysis with PDA/UV/ELSD detection, ICH guidelines and FDA and patents.You are a team player with excellent communication skills. You have a passion to stay up to date within the field of analytical method development and want to make a difference by your contribution in scientific discussions.

De arbeidsvoorwaarden

A market conformed salary based upon your education and experience plus a variable pay based upon your performance. And good carreer opportunities within this company.


Are you interested? Don't hesitate. Please sent me directly your cv, using the button, and I will call you for an interview.
Dr. Arjan van den Wijngaard
Consultant Medical
Goeman Borgesiuslaan 77
3515 ET Utrecht
tel 030 231 7350
mobiel 06 50650550


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